About Loba

We are a team of young and dynamic individuals who love fashion and love signature creations. This sustainability-forward brand knows that a truly conscious company needs to consider both people and the planet before, during, and after production. Hence, we decided to create the first-ever online platform in Bangladesh which promotes the idea of production on demand and also gives the option of buying or renting clothes in order to reduce stock waste and material pollution.

Working Hours

Sunday-Thursday 10 am–7 pm
Saturday 10am–3pm

What we do

We create our own designs and exclusive collections which is why this platform is very close to our hearts. We aim to deliver extraordinary customer service but also try to extend our services in general towards our planet by promoting production on demand. In short, Loba can be viewed as a restaurant for clothing where we only make the product when you place the order!

The idea of production on demand helps us eliminate the process of keeping unwanted stock that ultimately ends up in a warehouse (unused) or ends up being a burden on our planet. Our borrow or renting option again gives our customers the facility to wear something new everyday and stay effortlessly trendy alongside promoting the idea of rotation of garments to reduce stock waste.

We pride in ourselves in being the first online clothing store in Bangladesh which delivers these facilities to our customers. In the long run we aim to work towards focussing on fair trade of organic clothing and ethical practices. This is a small initiative we took and encourage customers to take towards keeping our planet green.


We pride ourselves on being the first online clothing store in Bangladesh that delivers the facilities of renting and borrowing to our customers. This idea gives our customers the option to wear something new every day and also helps us make a small contribution towards keeping our planet green by promoting rotation of garments. At Loba’s, we also only do production on demand which again helps reduce stock waste and material pollution.